Monday, July 1, 2013

ICT Lead Teacher Day 1 July 2013

We had a busy, productive meeting today.  

Some key ideas that we covered today were:

  • ePortfolios and how these are progressing.  This term has been a major shift for me in terms of ePortfolios.  I am one of two teachers at our school trialling individual blogs as a platform for ePortfolios this term.  This has meant a huge amount of time setting up the blogs, introducing/teaching them to the students and analysing what is working and what isn't.  It has been an exciting time, but also a bit stressful.  We have Student Led Conferences on Thursday night and whilst the student blogs are mostly up to date, there are still gaps that need to be filled in over the next few days.  Having said that the students are extremely proud of their blogs and love adding to them!  In my opinion, they eclipse the old ePortfolio platform in that fact that they are much more user-friendly, easily accessible and can be individualised.
  • Converting data from our server to Google sites. This will be happening over the next few months as we work towards getting a smaller server and using Google/iCloud/Dropbox for cheaper/free storage.
  • The sMACdown is always interesting and a good way to share new resources etc.  A couple of new things I picked up were from Debbie which is a great presentation tool and WordFoto app.  Will be giving these ago in my classroom.
  • Setting up an iPad User Group within the school to support, share and motivate teachers in using iPads in their classrooms.  We set three dates to hold these meetings.  The first one will run like a sMACdown where people can share what they have been doing in their classrooms with iPads.  We will also set up a Google site for iPad use in school which will be a great, on-going resource. 
  • We made good headway on our eLearning Progressions today.  Debbie and I worked on Y3/4 learning intentions and managed to pretty much complete those.  Next step sharing the LI's and ensuring we are all on the same track...then success criteria.  Our aim is to get these finished by end of Term 3 and then trialling them in Term 4.
Great day today thanks to the amazing people in the team.  Thanks guys, looking forward to our next meeting.

Now I have a BIG decision to make: Tedx or EducampAkl?  Hmmmm....