Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ICT Lead Teacher Day 12 April

We had our first ICT Lead Teacher day of the year at the end of last term and it was a very productive but intense, fully packed day.

We had a huge discussion around a PMI the teachers at our school created about our student e-Portfolios.  There was an overwhelming response from teachers with a range of issues. It took us a large amount of time to sort the issues raised in the PMI into relevant areas.  It was an interesting exercise which enabled us to get a clear view of the main issues/areas concerning teachers and the where to next...  Some are quick fixes that are easily addressed, whilst others will be addressed in a staff meeting with some PD and support for staff.  Anna and I will also be creating some screen casts and developing the ICT google site as a tool for teachers to use for support.  I'm sure many teachers don;t even know this exists and it will be a helpful tool once it has been developed.

I am looking forward to some challenges with ICT this year.   My class and another senior class will be trialling Google Apps for Education and using a Blog platform for e-Portfolios instead on KnowledgeNet.  My students are very excited about this and it will be interesting to see how these develop and whether they will be a viable option for e-Portfolios in the future.

So exciting times ahead...watch this space :)